Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Shark fin

Here's the skirt and blouse that I made/am making for the wedding. I think the skirt needs some pressing. When I look at my profile in the mirror, all I notice is the gusset sticking out the back, just like a shark fin. I hope I can get that to relax into place!

Obviously the fabric does not have the drape that is needed for this pattern!

Okay, so I cut a triangle out of the back.

And it worked!

It doesn't have as much movement, but it's not really restrictive, either. so it works.

Shark fin is gone.


I forgot to mention that the skirt is made with McCall's 5523, and the blouse is my second version of McCall's 6035. The first has roll-up sleeves and a collar; this one has short sleeves and just the collar band. I really like this pattern as it is comfortable and it fits and it feels good to wear something that I made and like!


  1. You Are Almost There! 2 More Days, Yikes! Im Sure Everything Will Go Swimmingly For The Event... And The Outfit Is Great For A Summer Wedding!

  2. I love your outfit! I think your shark fin can be tamed. I think you look fabulous. Well done with everything! You are pretty amazing.

  3. Very comfortable...especially for a summer wedding! :)

  4. Funny about the shark fin! And good that you were able to fix it.

  5. Well, you fixed your shark fin, and it worked perfectly.. I love, love your blouse pattern.. I am going to have to check it out.. Just the perfect tnt pattern..

  6. Trim and press=2 essential sewing skills :-) That is a cute skirt!!