Monday, May 20, 2013

Vests Burda 2622

These boy's vests range in size from 3 to 13. I've made one size 3, three size 4, a size 8 and a size 9. I've made simple vests before, but these ones have a more formal look to them. The fronts have darts and plackets,

and the back has straps and a buckle.

I used a shiny silver polyester satin, and used the wrong side of it for the plackets in front and the straps in the back. Then a black polyester lining for the inside. I'm sewing these for my grandsons to wear at my son's wedding next month. I have one more still to sew, for the little nephew of my future daughter-in-law. I think they turned out really nice. It takes a couple of hours to do each one, and they are not hard to put together.

The inside lining and front facing:

Six of the vests completed, laid out on my kitchen table:

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